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A cinephile is someone who expects too much of cinema.” – Serge Daney

I tried to trace the source of the above quote, but was not able to do so. It does sound an awful lot like something Daney would say, yet one can never be so sure.

Whoever uttered those brilliant words, I believe he or she managed to capture the essence of cinephilia. For me, cinephilia is a serious business that requires a healthy dose of militantism, ceaseless contemplation, and a serious commitment to Life. Whether or not film is a medium suited for such things is debatable; maybe cinephiles do expect too much of cinema after all. However, to borrow the words of Jean-Luc Godard, my faith in cinema’s capacity to be at once “truth twenty-four times a second” and “the most beautiful fraud in the world” is absolute.

A little bit about myself: the name is Johnny, and I am based in New York. Far from being a film scholar or critic, I just love cinema so much. Naturally, I watch many films, read books about cinema, and spend much time ruminating on it. Please think of this blog as a collection of my freewheeling thoughts on film art: there will be film reviews, ‘think pieces’ under Cinématographe, and Tumblr-style entries under Short Cuts.

Email: johnny.han.612@gmail.com

Twitter: @johnnydrinkstea

P.S. Zerkalo is the original Russian title of Andrei Tarkovsky’s Mirror.


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